Why choose Hawk Technologies?

It is estimated that theft and vandalism cost an industry billions of dollars. These losses can range from the damage of equipment to stolen goods. Not only is the material possession itself a loss for the industry, but hidden costs can be as well. The time and money it takes for items to be replaced can cause inefficiency for the organization overall. To prevent these losses, our clients look to Hawk Technologies for proactive security solutions. We are accountable, reliable and cost effective.

The Benefits of Choosing Hawk Technologies:

  • Defence against property damage and theft before an incident
  • Recorded video of any material or property damage
  • Elimination of false alarms
  • Deter employee time abuse with breaks, arrival/departure
  • All software updates installed by Hawk Technologies
  • Insurance Approved Guard Replacement

Results of Choosing Hawk Technologies:

  • Average of 3-4 Arrests/month
  • Report on 25-30 "Incidents"/week
  • Investigate 10-25 Occurrences/week
  • Reduce loss by up to 85-100%
  • Savings of 25 - 50% compared to regular Guard Service
  • Save time, travel and money
  • No hidden costs or No extra billing