Client Testimonials

"We have had a cost savings in terms of our own administrative staff not being as involved with the Security Staff as previously, i.e. personnel issues, problems dealing with people at the gate, guard issues and unplanned absences, etc. We also now have 24/7 coverage for the same cost as what Group 4 was charging us for 16 hours coverage/5 days per week."

"Eliminated the personal relations in guarding service. With the use of MSN and e-mail the staff are not as “connected” to the operators/guards and it is a more unbiased service."
"Hawk and its partner Meglan have been very thorough and reactive in setting up and managing the service for us."

"All of our team members quickly accepted the change and feel more secure as a result of someone constantly monitoring the cameras. The coverage is in fact better as the cameras can see further and around corners where the guards cannot."

"Follow up is very timely and all staff have been very professional and well trained."

Kim A. Egan
CMA, Controller
GH Manufacturing Inc., 101 Petrie Place, Belleville, ON K8N 5T3
P: (613) 961-8860 x 222 F: (613) 962-3390

"We have been using the Hawk Technologies and its partner Meglan Technologies for our "Remote Gate Control" service since September 2006. The service along with the high definition camera equipment used has proven to be a reliable and cost effective replacement to manned guard service. The Monitoring Station staff is always professional and provides an excellent level of security keeping unwanted visitors away from the plant.

We would highly recommend this service to any gated facility requiring a cost effective and secure solution to their gate control."