Success Stories

Working on continuous improvement is our way of meeting the demands of the security market

The advanced functions of network video make it ideal for security surveillance applications. The flexibility of digital technology gives security staff additional capabilities to protect people, property and assets.

Our latest Success Stories

Bosa Properties

"Our McRae Avenue Townhomes project on Granville & McRae in Vancuver has been protected by Hawk Technologies Verified Live Video surveillance "Htech" system for over 4 months now and we are quite impressed that, to date, we have not experienced and vandalism or break-ins to the construction site.

We are very appreciative that myself, the project manager, and our developers can view the site remotely from almost anywhere, at anytime. This is an ability we have never previously experienced with other security companies or their systems.

We are pleased to say that Hawk Technologies "HTECH" system is doing a great job keeping my site secure when we are not around. Not only do they protect the site but they have also saved us significant costs through use of their system! If someone is looking for a cost efficient, effective answer to security needs for protection of their site, Hawk Technologies is definitely worth trying.

I am glad to recommend your Verified Live Video Surveillance system, "HTECH", to others.

Axiom Builders Inc.

Onni group of companies

We were introduced to your Verified Live Video Surveillance system by a mutual partner, and went live with your HTech Live Video Monitored Surveillance system at our Port Coquitlam Project site in February 2011. Your system is protecting our construction high rise commercial building.

We are very pleased to say that Hawk Technologies "HTECH" system is doing a great job keeping my site secure when we are not around. Anytime there is an issue on site or a suspicious person they notify me of the problem and ask to proceed with the proper authorities.

Not only do they protect the site but they also save us money! If you are looking for a cost effective way of protecting your site, Hawk Technologies does a great job.

We are glad to recommend to others your Verified Live Video Surveillance systems "HTECH" to our clients.

Onni Contracting
The Shaughnessy

    The Benefits of Choosing Hawk Technologies:

  • Defence against property damage and theft before an incident
  • Recorded video of any material or property damage
  • Elimination of false alarms
  • Deter employee time abuse with breaks, arrival/departure
  • All software updates installed by Hawk Technologies
  • Insurance Approved Guard Replacement

    Results of Choosing Hawk Technologies:

  • Average of 3-4 Arrests/month
  • Report on 25-30 "Incidents"/week
  • Investigate 10-25 Occurrences/week
  • Reduce loss by up to 85-100%
  • Savings of 25 - 50% compared to regular Guard Service
  • Save time, travel and money
  • No hidden costs or No extra billing