Video Monitoring

Hawk Technologies has partnered with Meglan Technologies Inc. to provide proactive security solutions to its clients. This organization provides trained operators to monitor all onsite activities. When criminal activities arise on site, Meglan's trained operators will immediately notify law enforcement and dispatch them to the site. Meglan's monitoring service handles any urgent situations efficiently. Real-time information regarding the crime is relayed to the law enforcement immediately. Their police response time is 4-6 minutes due to Meglan's verification of crime scene on site.

Meglan offers our clients a reliable and cost effective service solution. They provide 25% to 50% of savings in compared to traditional Guard Service. With their monitoring service, clients can easily reduce losses and theft on site. Their solutions are approved by insurance companies as an alternative to guard placement.

On average, Meglan achieves 3-4 arrests per month. In fact, in 2007, Meglan averaged close to 2 arrests per week. Furthermore, 25-30 incidents per week are reported and 10-25 occurrences per week are investigated. This has successfully reduced losses from 85% to 100%. Meglan saves our clients time and money with no capital investment and hidden costs of extra billings. Meglan owns, installs and operates services and maintains the equipment as well. Partnering with Meglan enables Hawk Technologies to provide clients with an effective security service.

Meglan Provides our Clients with:

  • 24/7 Live video recording
  • Archive filing
  • Property theft and vandalism deterrence
  • Elimination of false alarms
  • Skilled monitoring operators
  • Approval of major insurance companies
  • Support of City and Regional police
  • Management ready

Benefits of Choosing Meglan:

  • Easy installation
  • Quick set-up and operation
  • Installed in different geographical locations
  • No VCR tapes - High quality digital recording
  • Ability to use existing cameras
  • Monitor your business anywhere/anytime
  • Save time - Reduce travel
  • User friendly
  • Maintenance free