Our Services

Theft has become an ever increasing problem over the last several years. Conventional security guards alone are no longer enough to prevent theft and recover stolen materials. However, with the use of Hawk Technologies, remote guard service creates a physical presence on site making it possible to prevent criminal activity. Our operators can monitor your site 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and immediately intervene when needed. We respond in a prompt professional manner that is accountable and reliable.

Retailers and construction companies of all sizes are recognizing the value of digital video systems. These means of remote security services can improve employees and customers' safety, reducing shrinkage, improving risk management, and increasing operational efficiencies. It has also helped capture incidents such as workplace injuries and employee harassment. The use of Hawk IP video surveillance can aid in tracking fraudulent criminal activities that often occur in these environments.

With the implementation of Hawk's "MEGLAN" video solutions, business owners and construction companies can keep an eye on their investment from afar and virtually visit every location on site. In any weather and in any traffic condition within seconds. Hawk Technologies is your proactive partner in security.


  • Trained and experienced Operators
  • 24/7 live recorded video
  • Tracking of activity with archive Filing
  • High quality digital images Date/Time stamped
  • Cover multiple areas at the same time providing added security
  • Cover multiple geographical locations
  • Reduce loss by up to 85% +
  • Approval of major insurance companies
  • Admissible in court
  • Monitor activity from the convenience of your PC
  • Alarm Runner and Incident Service Included
  • Random Weekly Drive by Patrols by our ACP Surveillance team
  • Backed up security guard force on ground


  • A professional who is engaged the moment something needs attention
  • Interact effectively with owners, managers and emergency services
  • Protocols strictly followed in a prompt proficient manner
  • We track all activity with archive filing
  • Assist employees who work late into the evening Video Escort
  • Assist visitors, contractors and deliveries etc.
  • Verification of on-site activity day/night
  • Provide added security for bank deposits and/or valuable asset's
  • Deliveries and shipments can be monitored
  • Monitor doors for unauthorized breaks
  • Eliminate false alarms
  • In-House ACP Surveillance Team
  • Alarm & Incident Runner Service
  • Weekly Random Drive by Patrols
  • Our partner Meglan averaged close 2 arrests per week
  • PROACTIVE use of cameras