Monitoring Service

Meglan Technologies is known for their live remote video monitoring. Their 24-hour remote monitoring station is the central unit of its unique IP enabled service. When a security concern is detected, the live camera images are passed onto a highly trained operator to evaluate the situation. With the client's instructions, the situation is then acted on immediately. Contacting law enforcements through Meglan's monitoring station ensures a rapid response. Meglan registers their clients with the local police department so that calls to the police will be filed as "a crime in progress" for immediate attention.

Meglan's monitoring station effectively stores the images in a secure manner for future reference. Meglan also provides fully secured off-site recording of all incidents. The video footage is also reviewed to prevent further losses and theft. In reviewing the camera images and video footage, the trained operator is able to zoom in on the scene and follow the perpetrator. The images captured by their lowlight, pan/tilt/zoom camera capture much detail and information for the operator to arrest the perpetrator.

An essential part of Meglan is the reporting aspect of the crime scene. Clients are informed of all serious events that take place and appropriate action is taken. The client is then able to access the archived video from any high speed internet connection to see the details of the crime scene and how it was responded to. By partnering with Meglan, clients of Hawk Technologies can stay in the loop with all criminal activities that take place on their site.

Benefits of Using Remote Security:

  • Archive file license plates, vehicles, deliveries
  • No false alarms
  • On site recording and live monitoring
  • Support of City and Regional police

Advantages of Partnering with Meglan:

  • No capital investment in gate house enclosure
  • No buildings or equipment to maintain
  • Labour savings - No need to man a gate
  • Safety - Restricted access, no liability concerns with unwanted visitors
  • Alerts - Identify person(s), vehicles and companies with restricted access
  • Traffic - Archive files of employees, license plates, names, visitors, deliveries and shipments
  • All digitally recorded with arrival time, departure time and date