How do operators know if there are intruders on the site?

When you arm the system the various sensors on the site become active. Any intrusion creates an alarm condition which instantly sends an alert to our monitoring station where an operator receives the live video feed from the site.

How will I find out if any incidents have happened on my site?

An integral part of Hawk is the reporting facility. Clients are notified of all serious events and appropriate action is taken. You can then access the archived video from any High Speed Internet connection and see exactly what happened and how it was responded to.

What do I need to make this work for me?

The first requirement of this system is a stable reasonably high speed connection to the Internet with a static IP address which is readily available throughout Canada. The strength of this system is that we can utilize almost all of your existing equipment, if you have already made an investment in CCTV.

What are the hidden expenses when I purchase this service?

At Hawk Technologies we pride ourselves in offering the total package to our clients without hidden expenses. We do not back bill, up charge or surprise invoice our clients based on incidents.

At Hawk Technologies our primary focus is the satisfaction of our clients, and to achieve this, we offer quality client service and customize our security services to best suit your needs. We are dedicated to being the number one construction site security company in British Columbia. Hawk Technologies is the only security services company who guarantees to have security personnel at your location when given less than 2 hours notice.