Remote Services

At Hawk Technologies, we provide quality remote services such as Remote Gate Control, Remote Concierge Service and Remote Site Security.

Remote Gate Control

is an extension of our proactive monitoring service. Access to gated facilities is controlled by one of Hawk's trained operators working to specific protocols. Business owners and managers are provided with an accountable and cost effective alternative to on site manned guard service.

Advantages of using Remote Gate Control:

  • No capital investment in gate house enclosure
  • Labour savings - No need to man a gate
  • Safety - Restricted access, no liability concerns with unwanted visitors
  • Alerts - Identify person(s), vehicles and companies with restricted access
  • Traffic flow of employees, visitors and contractors
  • Record deliveries and shipments
  • All digitally recorded with arrival time, departure time and date
  • Greet visitors and provide guidance
  • Shutdowns and After Hours protected with continued security
  • Random Drive - By Patrols by our ACP Surveillance team

Remote Concierge Service

offers our clients the increased convenience, peace of mind and efficiency of a 24 hour 365 day a year concierge service, without the added costs associated with full-time concierge.

Advantages of using Remote Concierge Service:

  • Accept in-coming deliveries, notify residents
  • Out-going deliveries
  • Monitor your CCTV system, watch for loiterers, crime, etc.
  • Allow access to residents/visitors
  • Allow access into mechanical/electrical rooms to contractors
  • Assist residents in non-emergency situations, e.g. noise complaints
  • Unlock/lock doors and gate control
  • Accept phone calls from residents looking for assistance
  • Call emergency personnel when needed, e.g. police, fire, ambulance
  • Document and report activity
  • Call parking authority when needed
  • Visitor parking control
  • Cost Saving
  • Imagine all this, no other solution offers this kind of integration and value.

Hawk Technologies has partnered with Meglan Technologies to provide proactive security solutions to its clients. Meglan Technologies can analyze and evaluate recorded videos to capture criminal activities on site. Meglan provides trained operators to monitor all onsite activities from a monitoring station. By choosing Hawk Technologies, clients can experience the best of both worlds, reliable software and effective monitoring stations.